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Which is larger: the area of a circle 6 cm in diameter or the area of a square whose side is 6 cm. How much larger?

Sagot :

The area of the circle is :
[tex] \pi r^2= \pi (3^2)=9 \pi [/tex]
The area of a square is:

It is obvious that the circle's area is smaller since pi is approximately 3.14 and 36 is equal to 9*4. So the square's area is higher by:
[tex]36-9 \pi =7.72ccm^2[/tex]

Case 1:Circle
Diameter is twice the radius so:
6 cm=2r
r=3 cm

Area of a circle:
A=π(3 cm)²
A=9π cm² or 28.26 cm²

Case 2: Square
The area of the square is:
A=(6 cm)²
A=36 cm²

To find how much larger the square is, just subtract
36 cm²-28.26 cm²=7.74 cm²

Hope this helps =)