Sagot :

To learn English, you must deal with people who knows how to speak English. Like me, I became friends with people who speaks English. Because of that, I learned to speak English fluently and properly. Also, buy a English book if you are really interested learning the right grammar.

Here are the suggested books that you can buy in a bookstore:

Dictionary: For you to know the spelling and pronunciation of a word.
Thesaurus: For you to know the synonyms and antonyms of a word.
English Literature Books: For you to recognize how to speak and write in English.
English worksheets: For you to practice the words that you've learned.

Remember, I'm not forcing you to buy this things. I'm just suggesting for you to know English. And if it's really your passion to know how to speak and write English, then GO! GO! GO! I'll be in your side.

Hope this helps. :P 

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